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About me


I'm an Australian textiles artist/ clothing designer with a passion for the environment. 

I see myself as a visual artist who has been drawn to the natural qualities of raw natural fibres. 

My inspiration comes from the collaboration of many elements: raw organic materials, historic process and the natural world.

Using natural fibres I create unique, one of a kind high quality pieces that are respectful to the environment.


I'm a member of the Society of Arts & Craft of NSW. My work is exhibited at the permanent exhibition in the Gallery. 

I studied couture, costume design in Moscow at Technical Univetsity. 

I was enamored with folk art, high fashion and studied a wide variety of textile traditions. 

I was, like many artists, in the creative research and I was looking through the stuff that would let me express myself fully. Fine fabric was always a passion. 

I traveled extensively to learn traditional techniques within cultural contexts.

My research, travel and experiences with nomads in Central Asia and Mongolia have informed my opinions that wool has infinite potential as a core raw material. As modern society shifts more towards seeing the value of living in harmony with the environment, a wisdom that nomadic cultures epitomize, Felt has been rediscovered. 

Felt is believed by many scholars to be our ‘first textile’. 

Once I learned the origins and rich history of Felt, understood the process, and realized the tremendous variety of raw fibers available, I didn’t look back.

I started making handmade Felt in 1998 and have focused intently on making Felt as functional fabric and art form ever since.

Because I was not formally taught to make Felt, I developed my techniques studying nomadic ways, using trial and error, common sense, experimentation and a refined sense of quality. 

By collaborating with the naturally occurring properties of these materials, I’ve discovered a new dimension of expression in my art practice. I create visual tactile experiences as well as things of beauty and purpose using materials that offer a sensory response.

As much as I love to study and explore feltmaking, I’m also thrilled teaching it. I offer both group Workshops and personalized instruction.

I have been teaching feltmaking since 2000. This includes workshops in High Schools and Primary Schools, Community groups as well as teaching courses at a University level.

I believe wool Felt connects us with our natural history in a way no other fabric can.  It is from this perspective that handmade textiles offer characteristics and qualities that are missing in machine-made materials. They visibly different, healthier to be around, and more comfortable. They can heal.

Felting allows me the freedom of form and colour that I'm searching for and creating by "feel" rather than calculation.


It is my artistic passion to take the ancient art form of feltmaking and blend it with a modern aesthetic to create art and textiles that transcend time, looking both modern and ancient.

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